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Sharp Engineers is a leader in the elevator’s traction machines manufacturing industry.

SHARP ENGINEERS, was established in 1994 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) as a manufacturer of all kind of elevator traction machines for elevators. Sharp Engineers has an area of 81,000 sq. ft with their original asset of 200 employees and with the production capacity of more than 35000 units per annum. We always so much focused on the constant process of research and development to satisfy the need and comfort of the market. SHARP ENGINEERS have more than 30 years of experience, we developed over the years a complete range of products, geared and gearless machines. Sharp Engineers have optimized the meaning of Quality, Customer Service, after sales service and all other aspects concerned with creating a world class brand.

Our Production entirely made in Ahmedabad, equipped with the most innovative and efficient technical-productive solutions. Automation, efficiency, high technology which guarantees the production and supply of quality products in less time, which meets the needs of extreme speed and flexibility of the elevator market. Sharp engineers believes to provide the customer - best lifting solution according to their technical specifications of the system, starting from the activity of commercial technical support and continue throughout the production process to the fnal testing, in-line delivery with best industry standards and after sales service. We are exporting our ranges of Geared, Gearless & their parts worldwide over the 25 countries since decades. We have numerous special versions and options which are available on request.

Mr. Babubhai J Patel

SHARP ENGINEERS combines the advantages of a history of outstanding engineering skill in India with the rapid growth and attractive surrounding of elevator industry in India.

Our Main aim is to offer highest technical and quality level at best commercial conditions and to support you to run your business smoothly and successfully.

Managing Partner

Mr. Mukesh R. Patel

SHARP ENGINEERS is focused on “providing the best possible all time support to customer in terms of new technology as per market scenario” We firmly believe that exploration will never stop, similar to the fact that people never stop their hopes and exploration for the sky.

Managing Partner

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